One of the main activities of ACBLPE (Association of Portuguese and Spanish-Lexified Creoles) is the organisation of annual scientific meetings. It is the association’s policy to try and alternate the location of these meetings between the Iberian Peninsula and other parts of the world, to the extent possible. In 2017 the Department of Romance Studies and Classics will host the meeting at Stockholm University with support from the RomLing network.

Keynote speakers:

Marlyse Baptista (University of Michigan)

Eeva Sippola (University of Bremen)

Mikael Parkvall (Stockholm University)


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Local organizing committee

Laura Álvarez López, Anna Jon-And, Juanito Ornelas de Avelar, Geraldine Quartararo, Torun Reite, Manuel Guissemo, Telma Rodrigues.

Call for papers

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