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For this second workshop − within the main research project Political discourse in the Romance speaking countries: linguistics and social science perspectives (ROMPOL) − our group has chosen the theme Political Discourse and the Extremes. Whereas the main focus during the first workshop was on political debates in the oral media, this second edition will include any form of texts carrying political messages: news media, blogs, pamphlets, contemporary fictional or non-fictional works, social media sites. The intention is also to further explore the following related themes:

  • Populist political discourse and its different manifestations in Romance speaking countries in Europe as well as in Latin America. During the last decades many countries have witnessed the emergence and the increase of populist voices and movements. What are the expressions of populist political discourse in Romance speaking countries? What differences and convergences do we find between Romance speaking countries in Europe and those in the Latin American Region on this matter?
  • Identities, racism and discrimination: with the actual crisis in the Middle East and the consequential migrations towards the West, how do political institutions represent the migrant communities? By which linguistic means are different identities (national, gendered, ethnic, etc.) represented in the public political spheres and in mass media?
  • Ideologies and religions: although it has been claimed that we have seen, since the 1980’s, the end of ideologies, one could argue that in our time, ideology and fundamentalism are fighting their way back. Extreme-Right and Extreme-Left groups do expand in many corners of the world. What societal, socio-linguistic and socio-pragmatic phenomena may contribute to different representations of religion and ideology in different Romance speaking countries?

Our intention is to use linguistic as well as social and historical perspectives and involve scholars from various fields in the humanities and the social sciences. Our main research idea is based on the assumption that knowledge and understanding of political discourse is best achieved with an interdisciplinary stance, through collaboration between the disciplines of linguistics and social sciences.

Important dates:

  • 15th of November 2015: 1st Call for papers/proposals.
  • 15th of March 2016: Proposals should be sent to
  • 30th of April 2016: Notification of Abstract Acceptance/Rejection from the scientific committee.
  • 15th of June - 30th of August 2016: Registration.
  • 20th-21st October 2016: Workshop
  • 15th of December 2016: Articles should be sent to
  • 15th of March 2017: Notification of Article Acceptance/Rejection based on the evaluations of external Peer Reviewers.
  • December 2017: Publication of an anthology (Stockholm University Press/Book serie: Stockholm Studies in Romance Languages).

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