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The adverse effects of the colonial and modern project are becoming increasingly apparent each day. From the perspective of Latin America and the Global South, this issue turns into a pressing, unavoidable reality, as the relationship among environmental extraction, militarization, and the politics of decolonization are strongly tied to a longstanding history of colonial and neoliberal violence masked under the promise of progress and modernization. On top of that, natural and human-fueled phenomena are hitting the Global South hard, causing displacement and devastation in the shape of fires throughout the Amazon Basin, hurricanes Maria and Dorian sweeping through the Caribbean, severe droughts in Africa, or extreme flooding and scorching temperatures in Asia. If, as Amitav Ghosh states in The Great Derangement, “the climate crisis is also a crisis of culture, and thus of the imagination” (2016: 9), how can we sketch out future agendas for critical work and political action by exploring the cultural archives of Latin America and the Global South? In this international workshop we want to engage in the ongoing debate of the representation of climate change and the unthinkable in contemporary cultural production in Latin America and the Global South.

Program_Facing the Great Derangement


Gisela Heffes (Rice University, USA):

“Extracted Landscapes and Decapitation Resistance:
Activism, Violence, and Imaginaries of (Dis)possession in Latin America” (In English)


June 3rd at 13:00-14:00
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Foto: G.Heffes


Victoria Saramago (University of Chicago, USA):

“Fiction Writing and Environmental Conservation in Latin America” (In English)


June 4th at 13:00-14:00
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Igor Barreto (Universidad Central de Venezuela):

“Los caminos que no se ven. Cómo estructuré mi representación de la naturaleza” (In Spanish)


June 4th at 16:30-17:30
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Foto: Lisbeth Salas



Date and register to be announced

Program_Facing the Great Derangement

Organizers: Ken Benson, Azucena Castro, Gianfranco Selgas (Stockholm University)

The conference is made possible by generous support from the “Litteraturforskning som ledande forskningsmråde" at Stockholm University” foundation. The conference is free of charge.