During this seminar, I will present my work in progress on a selection of texts in the French-Spanish writer Michel del Castillo’s (born in 1933) later production. Del Castillo is a Francophone writer whose novels mainly deal with Spanish issues − the Civil War, the exile from Spain in France, Spain as memory, and Spain as ontology and phenomenology, among other things. His works being vast, this study mainly analyzes novels and cultural essays written from the 1980s and onwards. The seminar will focus on questions of origin/memory, language, and on the transitional enunciation sometimes called the “born translated” point of view (cf. Rebecca L. Walkowitz, 2015). I also hope to be able to discuss similarities between recent Spanish language novels and del Castillo’s French language novels with you. The author’s works remained for a long time unknown in Spain but they started to be translated in the 1990s.

The second part of the seminar will be devoted to a general discussion on a choice of theoretical texts that I plan to refer to in my study. Extracts from the texts will be uploaded at Romklass-kalender for internal participants: Michel del Castillo : Le sortilège espagnol, Jacques Derrida: Le Monolinguisme de l’autre ou la prothèse d’origine, Bertrand Westphal : Le monde plausible and Rebecca Walkowitz : Born Translated. For external participants please contact Svante Lindberg (svante.lindberg@abo.fi) to get the texts.

The presentation will be in English, but other languages can be used for questions and discussion.

Organiser: Romanska och klassiska institutionen
Contact: Ken Benson
No registration required