Abstract: In Interpretation and overinterpretation, Umberto Eco sent us a warning about the dangers of misreading works and building up theories based on a wrong, exaggerated or even absurd reading. Novel characters, however, haven’t, for the most part, read Eco and some would definitely be defined by him as “bad readers”. Their reading nonetheless create them, and sometimes even define their fictions or the fictional project they are part of. Looking at Cervante’s Quixote, Flaubert’s Emma Bovary and Kerouac’s Sal Paradise, we will try to reflect upon these bad readers and what they imply about what we call “literature”and our own reading of literary works.

Sébastien Doubinsky

Sébastien Doubinsky is a bilingual French academic and writer, born in Paris in 1963. He currently teaches French literature, history and culture at the Institute for Communication and Culture at the University of Aarhus, in Denmark. His research fields are work reading theory, translation theory and modernity. He has published a theoretical essay with his colleague Tabish Khair, Reading Literature Today, which was published by SAGE in 2012. As a writer and a poet, Doubinsky has published more than 15 novels, and six poetry collections in France, the UK and the USA.

The talk will be in English. 


Organiser: Romlitt
Contact: Linnea Kjellsson
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