Han Lamers

Han Lamers, Associate Professor of Classics at Oslo University, will give a seminar on "Voice and Echo: The Latin Literature of Italian Fascism".

During the ventennio fascista (1922–1943), Italy saw a diverse production of original Latin literature, ranging from Lyric odes in praise of Mussolini to prose orations extolling the new regime, from epics on Italy’s martial exploits in Africa to Latin inscriptions on monuments old and new. This paper discusses the cultural and ideological significance of Latin as a literary language during the ventennio. Who were the authors of Latin texts during this period? Who were supposed to read and appreciate these compositions? And what was Latin’s role in the ideology of romanità, or ‘Romanness’, central to Italian Fascism?

Arrangör/Organiser: Romlitt/Klassiska
Kontakt/Contact: Denis Searby
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