The Department of Romance Studies and Classics at Stockholm University is pleased to announce the workshop "Heritage Language Pratices: Current issues and future directions", to be held in Stockholm May 6-7, 2019.

The plenaries held by experts at Stockholm University and our partner institution, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign will deal with the following topics: proficiency, processing, instruction, syntax-discourse interface, morpho-syntax interface, phonology and academic writing.

The plenaries are open to the public. Participants will have the opportunity to share their own research with the discussants in an interactive format.

Keynote speaker

Silvina Montrul
University of Illinois at Urbana/ Champaign, (UIUC):
Convergence and Divergence in heritage languages: the Sociopolitical context.
Montrul-Urbana (4056 Kb)

Book of abstract (600 Kb)


Melissa Bowles (UIUC): Comparing the effects of implicit and explicit instruction on Spanish heritage learners’ linguistic knowledge  Bowles-Urbana (1448 Kb)

Tania Ionin (UIIC): Word order and information structure in heritage Russian  Ionin-Urbana (191 Kb)

Jill Jegerski (UIUC): Research methods for the study of real-time sentence processing by heritage speakers  Jegerski-Urbana (846 Kb)

Raquel Llama (Stockholm University): Exploring accentedness in Spanish as a third and as a heritage language Llama-Stockholm (466 Kb)

Francesco Romano (Stockholm University): Comparing ultimate attainment in second and heritage language speakers: Syntactic and morphological knowledge of Italian accusative clitics  Romano-Stockholm (6065 Kb)

Rakel Österberg (Stockholm University), Alejandra Donoso (Linnaeus University) and Enrique Soluguren (U. Chile): Writing in academic genres: Advanced biliteracy in Spanish as a heritage language


Local Organizing Committee: 

Alejandra Donoso, (Linnaeus University)
Raquel Llama (Stockholm University)
Francesco Romano, (Stockholm University)
Rakel Österberg, (Stockholm University)

No registration required

Click here for the program:  Program workshop: Heritage language practices (145 Kb)

Foto: Niklas Björling
The Department of Romance Studies and Classics will host the symposium with support from Stockholm University funding for the partner universities (INSPIRE).