Arrangör/Organiser: Stockholms universitet i samarbete med Göteborgs universitet. Workshopen finansieras av Riskbankens jubileumsfond
Kontakt/Contact: Ken Benson, Anna Forné, Azucena Castro
Ingen föranmälan krävs/No registration required

The two-day interdisciplinary workshop aims at opening a dialogue about the relevance of space and spatiality as a theoretical and analytical tool to understand present geopolitical configurations of power. The aim is to opens for a discussion about new approaches to the role of space in cultural productions at the turn of the century -film, literature, maps, photography- in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain. One of the questions we will address concerns the role of space, place and territory in shaping contemporary processes of migration, environmental degradation, urbanization and slum proliferation at the end of the XX and beginning of the XXI century. The objective is to analyze interpretations of space in cultural expressions that portray these processes. Moreover, the workshop aims at critically actualizing the discussion about the “spatial turn” -the awareness of the significance of space to understand the interrelation between geographic, cultural and political phenomena, occurred in the 70’ in the Humanities. We want to establish a dialogue between Anglo and Eurocentric theoretical approaches and more peripheral theoretical frameworks to the understanding of space and spatiality.

The keynotes will deliver their talks in English and these are open to the public.

The programme will be uploaded here soon.