The ninth GSCP International Conference will take place at Stockholm and
Uppsala Universities, April 9-­‐12, 2014

Abstract submission: August 1st -­‐ September 30th 2013 

GSCP 2014 focuses on spoken Romance Languages and welcomes abstracts in
French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English within the following thematic
strands: Spoken corpora; speech and linguistic description; phonetic aspects of
speech; multimodality, pragmatics, conversation and discourse; speech
technology; speech and sociolinguistics; speech in multilingualism/bilingualism.
Abstracts can be submitted for individual papers, posters and panels.

Keynote speakers:
Professor Giolo Fele (Università degli studi di Trento, Italy)
Professor Guylaine Martel (Université Laval, Quebec, Canada)
Professor Carmen Silva-­‐Corvalán (University of Southern Californa, Los Angeles, USA)
Professor Rodolfo Ilari (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil and professor
emeritus at Stockholm University)
Professor Per Linell (Linköping University, Sweden)

Organizing Committee:
Laura Álvarez López, Associate Professor of Portuguese, Stockholm University
Camilla Bardel, Professor of Italian, Stockholm University
Johan Gille, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Uppsala University
Anna Gudmundson, Research Fellow in Italian, Stockholm University
Hans Kronning, Professor of Romance Languages, Uppsala University
Coco Norén, Professor of French, Uppsala University