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Political Discourses at the Extremes: Expressions of Populism in Romance-Speaking Countriesis an edited volume in English, French and Spanish.

The authors of this edited volume focus on the emergence of populist discourses, coming from movements or parties from Romance-speaking countries in Europe and in Latin America.

By combining linguistics, social and political sciences in a discourse analytical approach, the sixteen papers enlighten the mechanisms behind populist discourses yielding from different socio-cultural and political contexts. The common denominator of the studies is the focus on the discursive and rhetorical characteristics of recently emerged movements of populism in both continents. Investigating expressions of these political movements is highly relevant in today’s society, where the growing number of populist discourses has become a preeminent issue, alongside people’s increasing insecurity regarding future political and environmental challenges.

The primary audience of this volume are researchers working in the fields of political discourse analysis; however, this book may benefit anybody with interest in language in politics.

The Editors of this Edited Volume 

The Editors are Françoise Sullet-Nylander, María Bernal, Christophe Premat & Malin Roitman, Department of Romance Languages and Classics, at Stockholm University.

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