The topics of this volume include:

  • The challenges and pitfalls of editing fragmentary texts, an homage and apology for the scholarly commentary.
  • The usefulness and possibilities of digital tools for contemporary textual editions and criticism, an evaluation of methods for editing texts that underwent rescription.
  • How digital mark-up can be an editorial enterprise and how it can be useful for the textual scholar,
  • How improved cataloguing has led to numerous discoveries of texts.
  • An inside view from the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum, an editorial project on-going since 1864.

This volume also focuses on the importance of the connection between text and reader, and the driving force it can give to scholarly research.

Two of the six papers in this volume stem from a 2015 workshop on editorial theory and method. The other four lectures were given at the concluding conference of the Ars edendi programme, held in August 2016.

Edited by Kihlman, E. and Searby, D. (eds) (2020) Ars Edendi Lecture Series, vol. V. Stockholm: Stockholm University Press. DOI:

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