Responsible unit: Strategic Planning and Vice-Chancellor’s Office

Contact: Tove Holmqvist

DECISION by the Vice-Chancellor 2016-03-10

Reg. no. SU FV-1.1.9-0770-16


The general rule is that previously published material may be reused, but only on the condition that a clear reference is provided. The same rule applies to one’s own previously published material as to other people’s material.

If a doctoral student reproduces material and sentences from previous publications and papers in his or her thesis – whether it is a monograph or compilation thesis – it must be indicated by references and, where appropriate, quotation marks. This also applies to the publications and papers included in the compilation thesis.  Material from one’s own licentiate thesis may be used in the doctoral thesis if clear references are made to the previous work. A degree project written in the context of second-cycle (master’s level) studies cannot be reused for examination as a part of doctoral studies, but may be cited in accordance with the general rule.

The doctoral student must write the introductory chapter alone. The included published articles must not be edited in the compilation thesis; any errata should be added separately. Additions, problematisations and a comprehensive discussion of the conclusions should be included in the introductory chapter.