Victimisation and bullying are not tolerated at Stockholm University in any form. All staff and students must be treated equally and with respect. Our approach must be characterised by tolerance for each other’s differences and views. If despite this anyone becomes the subject of victimisation, managers at every level within the organisation have a responsibility to act immediately. The problem must be investigated and measures must be taken to ensure that the victimisation ceases.
It is important to prevent the risk of victimisation by:

  • Ensuring that everyone is aware of current legislation and policy as regards victimisation
  • Striving to create a working environment that is characterised by:
  • Openness with forums for discussion and reciprocal dialogue
  • Unambiguous and clearly expressed standards for relationships at the workplace
  • A permissive and inclusive atmosphere
  • Clear leadership that acts in a way which creates security and establishes standards for a good working environment

‘Victimisation’ is defined as ‘repeated reprehensible or negative actions which are directed at individual staff members or students and which could lead to them being forced out of the community within the department/office or hinder their ability to do a good job’. (Also see the Swedish National Board of Occupational Safety and Health’s Statute Book AFS 1993:17 Victimisation at work).

The head of department (or equivalent) has been delegated responsibility by the Vice-Chancellor for working environment issues. This means that the head of department is responsible for preventing victimisation at the workplace and for acting immediately if victimisation does occur.

The head of department also has a responsibility to ensure that procedures are established describing what measures should be taken to end the harassment. If a staff member is victimised, the victim should contact the Human Resources Office and/or occupational health care at an early stage in order to obtain support and assistance in dealing with the situation professionally. If the victim is a student, the Student Health Office can be contacted for support for both the person concerned and the head of department.

Managers at all levels of the organisation have a responsibility to act in the event of victimisation. All staff members and students have an obligation to actively promote a good working environment and combat all forms of victimisation.

The HR Manager and the head of Student Services have issued instructions on how heads of department and office managers should deal with victimisation and/or bullying of staff and students in the workplace.