Unlike Belgium or Switzerland, the Netherlands ir usually considered a monolingual country. Some specialists know that there is a minority language in the North, Frisian, but over-all the language situation is regarded as compatible to that in Germany: one nation, one language. However, while the Germans have their Plattdüütsch, the Dutch have their Low Saxon, a language that is historically and linguistically closely related to the North German language.

In this talk we will focus on that language, mother tongue of about two million speakers. What are its roots, how did it develop, what are the linguistic characteristics? What is the position of Low Saxon in the Netherlands today, and last but not least: is it a dialect or a language?

Harrie Scholtmeijer is a dialectologist at the IJsselacademie (Zwolle), and teacher of Dutch and General Linguistics at the Institute of Sign Language & Deaf Studies (Hogeschool Utrecht). He recently co-authored Nedersaksisch in een notendop (Low Saxon in a nutshell).

The seminar will be held in English.

Date: 22 October 2019 (13.14–14.45)

Room: E5156

Welcome to the seminar!