The seminar highlights the history of literary multilingualism in the Nordic countries, and takes a look into the future of the research area. It also celebrates the publication of "The Aesthetics and Politics of Linguistic Borders: Multilingualism in Northern European Literature" that formulates a new theoretical approach to the study of literary multilingualism. 


14.00 Heidi Grönstrand (Stockholm University): Welcoming words

14.15 Satu Gröndahl (Uppsala University): From Multicultural to Multilingual Literature

14.45 Nils Håkanson (Stockholm): How to Make Sense while Trying Not to Make Sense. (A writer’s attempt to remember why he wrote such a strange text.)

15.15 Coffee

15.45 Ralf Kauranen (University of Turku), Markus Huss (Stockholm University) & Heidi Grönstrand: Editors’ reflections on The Aesthetics and Politics of Linguistic Borders. Multilingualism in Northern European Literature

16.15 Julia Tidigs (The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, SLS & University of Helsinki): Literary Multilingualism scholarship in the Nordic Countries: What Lies Ahead?

16.45 Mingle and refreshments


No registration needed. Inquiries about the event can be sent to Heidi Grönstrand,, and Markus Huss,