Yoko Yamazaki, PhD student, Section for Baltic Languages, will present:

Historical phonology in Lithuanian and Balto-Slavic: Relative chronology of Monosyllabic Circumflexion

This talk will investigate the relative chronology of a phenomenon called Monosyllabic Circumflexion (MC) in the realm of historical phonology  from Indo-European perspective.

MC is a tonal phenomenon that many of monosyllabic forms have the circumflex tone (rising tone in Lithuanian) instead of the acute tone (falling tone in Lithuanian) expected from morphophonological or historical background (e.g., ti e͂ (demonstrative pron. nom.pl.m.) ~ ger ìeji 'the good (nom.pl.m.)'). The examples of the phenomenon are found in 3rd person future forms, two Latvian reflexes of PIE root nouns, pronouns, and prepositions/adverbs/particles. In this talk, some clues to identify the relative chronology of MC found in the first two categories will be mainly presented.

Time: 10–11.30
Room: D365

Welcome all,
Tomas Riad