Introduktion till global politisk ekonomi, 15 hp

Om kursen

The overall purpose of this course is to equip students with the theoretical and conceptual tools that are required to study the GPE problematic, which necessarily traverse the disciplinary boundaries of international economics, economic history, and international relations. A historical perspective is adopted to bridge the gaps in the intellectual traditions in GPE and provide the necessary conceptual tools to the study of GPE.

The course takes the starting point covering colonial economy and emerging capitalist system, colonial trade and economy, industrialization and classical political economy. However, the main focus will be on the post-1945 period, and more specifically recent issues in a fast changing global political economy – e.g. trade and liberalization, emerging markets, monetary & financial system, gender, environment and global governance. The students will be introduced to the evolution of GPE theories that have shaped the post-colonial world. Accordingly, students will be required to critically reflect and apply theoretical tools to pressing issues in the global system.

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