Bioinformatik, 7,5 hp

Om kursen

The amount of available data in life sciences is rapidly increasing and to use this data in the best possible way is rapidly becoming one of the corner-stones in all biological research. In the future, or already today, we believe it will only be possible to become a successful life science scientist if you, in addition to your own data, fully can use data available from large scale studies. In this course we will cover the basic bioinformatical methods to analyze protein sequence and protein structure. The goals are that after this course you should be able to use state of the art methods to predict the function and structure of an unknown protein sequence. You will learn to use and understand the basic tools in bioinformatics, including tools for: sequence searching, sequence alignments, secondary structure, fold recognition, homology modeling.

Time: The course is given Jan.-Feb. (period A)

Course director: Samuel Flores

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