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Masterprogram i biokemi

The Master’s Program in Biochemistry focuses on understanding protein structure and function and how that in turn governs all life, disease and cures as we know it. The hands-on lab work and internationally recognised researchers provide a 360 degree understanding of proteins, from their physical properties to how they behave in complex environments.

Studying biochemistry at the master’s level is for students who are intensely curious about all aspects of proteins and want to learn current techniques used to study them. The prominent faculty members who teach in the program focus on sharing their specialised knowledge, from the physics of a protein all the way through its unique folding to its function and how a protein can create complex interactions at the macromolecular level. There are also in-depth explorations of bioinformatics to understand protein evolution, using computer-based analytical methods to understand proteins. You will also get to dive into the world of biological membranes which consist of both proteins and lipids and learn the basic principles of recombinant protein production, protein engineering and protein purification all the way to biophysical characterisations.

This programme is taught in small groups and includes significant lab time, allowing you to develop the lab skills that Stockholm University graduates are known for and which employers expect. The teaching is problem-based so you are challenged to develop skills that will help your career even outside the lab: motivation, self-sufficiency and creative thinking are key from day 1. It’s real science for the real world.

In the biochemistry programme, you will be surrounded by the world’s top chemists, not only some of the people who chose the Nobel Prize winners but even attending the Nobel lectures of the prize winners themselves. There is also a robust exchange programme with University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana which many students take advantage of to broaden their experience.