Masterprogram i biokemi, 120 hp

The Master´s program in Biochemistry is built around areas where research at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics (DBB) is especially prominent, in some cases internationally leading. Topics that are treated in the courses include; the role proteins play in the cell, protein structure and folding, protein targeting and turnover. An understanding of these topics is fundamental to many professions related to life science, e. g. the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The program consists of five compulsory courses (60 ECTS in total), optional courses (max. 15 ECTS) and a degree project (45 or 60 ECTS). During the degree project the student is trained in the scientific method, experimental planning and doing independent research. Such training, in combination with the opportunity to practice and develop oral and written communication, forms an excellent base for a successful professional career, be it in industry, academia or other activities in society.

The Master´s program in Biochemistry is aimed at students from Sweden and abroad with a bachelor degree in chemistry. Students with other backgrounds can also be admitted. The program is free of tuition fee for EU citizens and all courses are given in English.

More information: Master's program in Biochemistry

Contact: Daniel Daley

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