Magisterprogram i data- och systemvetenskap, 60 hp

Om programmet

The Master's Programme (One Year) in Computer and Systems Sciences is a one-year postgraduate programme for those who already have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or similar. The programme suits those who wish to broaden and deepen their skills and knowledge as a preparation for a successful professional career. It is also suitable if you have studied at another university and want to be closer to the labour market in the Stockholm region.

Compared with the Bachelor's level, you get a deeper knowledge on information technology, its role in business and society and how it interacts with humans. You will also get glimpses of emerging trends in the field and how future information technology could be used. The programme gives you both a thorough knowledge and practical skills in the area or areas you select. The one-year programme is focused on advanced courses and includes a short thesis.

Programme outline

The programme consists of a variety of courses to choose from in areas such as information security, IT management, information systems, interaction design, outsourcing and business intelligence. During the second semester, you will also write a thesis of 15 credits.


The programme leads to a Master of Science (60 credits) Main area of study: Computer and Systems Sciences, suitable for students aiming for a professional career as system designers, system developers, security experts and IT project managers. If you are more interested in an academic or other research career, we recommend our two-year Master's Programme.

Required supporting documentation

Along with your supporting documents at, you are required to submit a separate form with a list of proof of specific entry requirements.

Read more information and download the form here

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