Masterprogram i Marknadskommunikation, 120 hp

Drawing on the School’s long-standing expertise in marketing communication—not least the heritage from the former department of Advertising and PR that has now merged with Stockholm Business School—this Master’s programme takes a broad approach to marketing communication by exploiting the multi-disciplinary nature of the theoretical areas of marketing communication and traditional marketing research.

With a basis in the social sciences and humanities, the programme gives a theoretically grounded and practically relevant basis from which to critically analyse, understand, and work with marketing communication, advertising and PR. After graduation students will be prepared for doctoral studies as well as for work within marketing communication in the broadest sense in private businesses, governmental agencies, or in non-governmental organisations.

During the third semester students can choose to do an internship, go on an exchange semester abroad or take electives at the university.

Stockholm Business School use GMAT and/or GRE as a selection tool for all masters programmes.

Step one: Upload your score report on your account at

Step two: Make sure your test-center submits your verified result to SBS.

For more information please look at SBS website.

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