Förskoledidaktik med inriktning mot utforskande lärande, 6 hp

Om kursen

Early Childhood Education: Explorative Learning, 6 ECTS credits

This course introduces the learning environments and explorative approaches of Swedish preschools. Preschools are highlighted as a venue for children’s participation and influence in relation to children’s rights.

The course provides insight into the development and philosophy of Swedish preschools, with links between the view on children, learning, play, care, and childhood conditions. In addition, the course includes study visits to preschools and other institutions and activities for children.

For students interested in studying 30 ECTS credits during one semester, two other courses in early childhood education are also offered;

- Early Childhood Education focusing on Science and Education for Sustainability, 12 ECTS credits

- Early Childhood Education focusing on Mathematics and Technology,12 ECTS credits

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