Förskoledidaktik med inriktning mot naturvetenskap och hållbar utveckling, 12 hp

Early Childhood Education focusing on Science and Education for Sustainability, 12 ECTS credits

This course provides theories on children’s learning in science. It covers concepts and theories relating to science phenomena and sustainable development.

The course has an exploratory, project-oriented approach. Pedagogical documentation is used as a tool for recording children’s questions and actions, and for planning, analysing, and evaluating teaching activities related to the topics of the course. The significance of the teaching environment and material for children’s exploration is at focus and aesthetic forms of expression are used to understand, communicate, and create knowledge.

For students interested in studying 30 ECTS credits during one semester, two other courses in early childhood education are also offered:

- Early Childhood Education focusing on Mathematics and Technology, 12 ECTS credits

- Early Childhood Education: Explorative Learning, 6 ECTS credits.

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