The Swedish Demographic Association (SDF) is an organization for those who work with demographic questions as well as the general public who are interested in demographic issues. Anyone with an interest in such issues is welcome to be a member. In addition to individual memberships, it is possible for companies, institutions, government authorities, libraries and research centers to be supporting members of the association. Membership fees are currently SEK 100 / year for individual memberships, and SEK 2,000 / year for supporting members.

SDF regularly arranges interesting seminars and lectures throughout the country, and keep the members updated with information regarding conferences, seminars, employment opportunities, etc., both on SDF’s homepage and via e-mail. SDF is a member of the Nordic Demographic Association, which also includes organizations from Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Every second year the Nordic Demographic Association hosts a symposium where researchers and other demographic professionals meet to discuss Nordic demography.

You can easily become a member by depositing 100 SEK in the PlusGiro account number 15 81 07 – 3. Don’t forget to include your name, address and e-mail address with your payment.

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