SPaDE was strongly represented at the IUSSP International Population Conference, which took place in Busan, Korea, from August 26 to August 31. SPaDE researchers presented a wide range of papers, which attracted great attention from the international audience. The SUDA-SPaDE booth at the conference was very well attended as well. SPaDE’s participation at the conference ended in a high profile, as the closing ceremony was marked by Gunnar Andersson’s reception of the 2013 IUSSP-Mattei Dogan Foundation Award for Comparative Research in Demography and a short speech by Gunnar. Below is a list of papers, with links to abstracts, presented by SPaDE’s researchers.



Arranged and forced marriages in Kyrgyzstan: Persistence or change?

Lesia Nedoluzhko (SUDA); Victor Agadjanian (Arizona State University)

EU-Policies and Fertility: The Emergence and Implementation of Fertility Issues at the Supra-national Level

Gerda Neyer (SUDA); Arianna Caporali (INED); Nora Elisa Sanchez Gassen (SUDA)

 Swedish men’s fertility intentions and behaviors

Gayle Kaufman (Davidson College); Livia Olah (SUDA)

Gender Roles and family stability: the influence of a more active

Ann-Zofie Duvander (SUDA); Trude Lappegard (Statistics Norway)

Family composition and union dissolution among families with children in Sweden

Livia Olah (SUDA); Jani Turunen (SUDA)

Women’s household income contributions and higher-order births in the United States

Alison Gemmill (University of California, Berkeley); Margarita Chudnovskaya (SUDA); Peter Scholfield Hepburn (University of California, Berkeley)

 Investing in women: challenges and priorities

Gerda Neyer (SUDA)

Feminist Perspectives on Motherhood and Assisted Reproduction

Gerda Neyer (SUDA); Laura Bernardi (University of Lausanne)

Labor force participation, family policy change and second birth rates in South Korea

Li Ma (SUDA)

Do adoptive parents differ? A study of dissolution risk among biological and adoptive parents in Sweden

Ida Viklund (SUDA); Ann-Zofie Duvander (SUDA)


The following papers were presented in poster sessions:

 Who has Greatest Expectations? Expected Consequences of Union Formation across Europe

Kenneth Wiik (Statistics Norway); Eva M. Bernhardt (SUDA)

Migration and divorce in Sweden: Evidence from population registers

Kirk Scott (Lund University/SUDA); Gunnar Andersson (SUDA)

The Contextual Database of the Generations & Gender Programme: Harmonized Data for the Analysis of Demographic Decision-Making

Arianna Caporali (INED); Sebastian Klusener (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research); Gerda Neyer (SUDA); Sandra Krapf (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research); Olga Grigorieva (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)

Family migration and gender differentials in income -The impact of occupational segregation

Maria Branden (SUDA)