Three SPaDE members represented Stockholm University at the AAG (Association of American Geographers) conference in Los Angeles, April 7-13: Bo Malmberg, Eva Andersson and John Östh. They papers in different sessions, but one session was dedicated to the works specifically with Equipop, EquiPop: Applications of a Recent Software for Segregation Analysis. Eva Andersson and Bo Malmberg presented their paper The Issue of Context for Neighborhood Effect Studies. Youth cohort 1980 and contextual effects. 2013-04-10. Together with John Östh they also presented the paper Contextual Effects on Ill-Health and Recovery: Results Using Scalable Neighborhoods. 2013-04-11. John Östh and Thomas Wimark presented the paper Using data from Social Networking Sites to understand the urban concentration of gay men and lesbians in Sweden 2013-04-11. Together with Ian G Shuttleworth, John also presented Making International Segregation Comparisons: Does It Matter Which Spatial Blocks Are Used to Construct k-Nearest Neighborhoods? Finally, John and Bo presented a paper with William A Clark: Using EquiPop to Map Mixed Race Populations: Illustrations from Los Angeles.