14 August: (B900)
Michaela Kreyenfeld: Welfare state context, female earnings and childbearing

25 August: (B900 -- cancelled)
Trille Loft: Young pioneers? Cohabitation, marriage and fertility in Denmark 1968-2001

3 September: (B900)
Zsolt Speder: Realization of fertility intentions, postponement and abandonment in three European countries: A cross country comparison of Switzerland, the Netherlands and Hungary

10 September: (B900)
Alain Gagnon: Socio-economic status and mortality during the industrialization in Saguenay, Québec, 1840-1971

15 September: (B244), IUSSP dress rehearsals:
Sofi Ohlsson: Marriage in fashion? - Trend reversal in marriage formation in Sweden
Maria Brandén: Occupational branch, educational level and gender differences in regional mobility: Sweden 1998-2003

6 October: (Strandvägen)
Workshop by SPaDE

15 October: (B900)
Gunilla Bjerén and Atakilte Beyene: Change or transformation? Urban migration patterns of Shashemene, Ethiopia, 1973 and 2008

24 October: (Hotel Royal Viking)
Workshop by Livia Oláh: The Gender Story of European Family Change

29 October: (B244)
Juho Härkönen: Marital instability, marital quality and female labor supply: Testing the anticipation hypothesis

5 November: (B900)
Karin Tesching: The impact of educational level and educational field on first, second and third birth rates in Sweden

12 November: (B900)
Sunnee Billingsley: Economic crisis and fertility in transitional Russia

19 November: (B900)
John Östh: Towards a voluntary force army - population geography trends in the Swedish conscription army 1990-2006

26 November: (B244)
Sven Drefahl: Age norms, spousal age differences and female mortality

3 December: (B900, 13:00 – ca 16:00)
Sara Ström and Eva Bernhard: First births in Sweden during three decades: The importance of normative factors
Maria Brandén and Sara Ström: Occupational characteristics and the gendered causes of internal migration

10 December: (B900)
Sara Thalberg: The gendered dimension of Swedish students’ childbearing behavior

17 December: (B244)
Jani Turunen: Self reported well-being among adolescents in Swedish stepfamilies