26 August: (B900)
Maria Brandén and Sara Ström: Regional wage differences and couples’ migration in a sex segregated labor market - Sweden 1997-2007

9 September: (B900, 10-11:30)
Marcy Carlson (University of Wisconsin at Madison): U.S. fathers’ involvement and fathers’ wellbeing over children's first five years

15 September: (Studio 3 Kulturhuset, 13-16)
Framtidsfokus: Med äktenskapet i tiden?

23 September: (B900, 10-12)
Jim Walker (University of Wisconsin at Madison): The Racial Convergence of Mortality

29 September: (B900)
Øystein Kravdal (University of Oslo): The importance of community socio-economic resources for individual all-cause mortality

7 October: (B900)
Jan Hoem: Simultaneous analysis of concurrent demographic processes: Problems involved in conditioning on the time of occurrence of one process in the analysis of the other

14 October: (B900)
Karen Handrikmaan: Geographical dimensions of partner choice in the Netherlands

21 October: (B900)
Tommy Bengtsson (Lund University): Early life conditions: labour market performance and health in later life: historical and contemporary experiences in Sweden

28 October: (B900 14-15:30)
Susanne Fahlén: Childbearing intentions, job security and family policies: A comparative analysis of ten European countries through a capability lens

4 November: (B900)
Juho Härkönen: Parental divorce and union formation: a comparison of 18 countries

11 November: (B900)
Josh Goldstein (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research): Can grandma help with the kids? A demographic analysis

18 November: (B900)
Sara Ström: Choice: mothers in Sweden

25 November: (B900 14-15:30)
Siv Scheele: Commuter status and transitions from being a commuter in Central Sweden

2 December: (B900)
Amber Beckley: Immigrant offending

9 December: (B900)
Charlotta Hedberg: ’Every soul is needed!' Processes of immigration and demographic consequences to Swedish rural areas

16 December: (B900 14-15:30)
Johan Carlsson Dahlberg: Social background, intergenerational effects, and becoming a parent in Sweden