Sept 6: 13:00-15:00, B900
Livia Oláh (Stockholm University/SPaDE and SUDA): Changing Families and Sustainable Societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations

Sept 20: 13:00-15:00, B900
John Östh (Uppsala University, Dept. of Social and Economic Geography): EquiPop

Sept 27: 15:00-17:00, B900 (please note different time)
Gerda Neyer (Stockholm University): Fertility Initatives at the EU-level

Oct 4: 13:00-15:00, B900
Eva Andersson (Stockholm University): Contextual Effects and Swedish Youth

Oct 9: 13:00-15:00, B900 (please note different day)
Isabel Valerino (University of Lausanne): The emergence of parental leave policies in Switzerland. Case study of paternity leave implementation in a public administration

Oct 11: 13:00-15:00, B900
Linda Haas (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis): Fatherhood and Organizational Culture - Barriers to Men's Sharing Parental Leave in Sweden

Oct 16: 10:30-12:00, B900 (please note different day and time)
Rafael Lalive (University of Lausanne): How Does Early Child Care affect Child Development?

Oct 18: 13:00-15:00, B900
Gunhild Hagestadt (Agder University College): Ageing populations: Some issue that deserve more attention

Oct 25: 15:00-17:00, B900 (please note different time)
Marta Szebehely (Stockholm University): Comparative Perspectives on Care for Older People: Concepts, Policies and Consequences

Nov 8: 13:00-15:00, B900
Josef Zweimüller (University of Zurich): Extended Unemployment Benefits and Early Retirement: Program Complementarity and Program Substitution

Nov 15: 13:00-15:00, B900
Peter Thoursie (Uppsala University): Culture, Fertility Choices, and Child Outcomes: Evidence from a Policy Reform

Nov 22: 13:00-15:00, B900
Anna Sjögren (Uppsala University): Unemployment and Child Health

Nov 29: 15:00-17:00, B900 (please note different time)
Hans Grönqvist (Stockholm University): Putting teenagers on the pill: The consequences of subsidized contraception

Dec 6: 13:00-15:00, B900
Jani Turunen (Stockholm University): Is this anything? Ideas for Post-Dissertation Research