Aug 28: 13:00-14:30, B900
James Raymo (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Unpartnered Mothers, Living Arrangements, and Poverty: A Cross-national Comparison

Sept 4: 13:00-14:30, B900
Show and Tell

Sept 11: TBA

Sept 18: (no colloquium) Nordic Demographic Symposium Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark

Sept 25: 14:00-15:30, B900 (please note different time)
Kelly Musick (Cornell University): Employment Changes Among Dual-Earner Couples Following the Transition to Parenthood, 1996-2010

Oct 2: 13:00-14.30, B900 First Joint Seminar of the “Wednesday Seminar” and the “SUDA Demographic Colloquium” of the Department of Sociology:

Torkild Lyngstad (University of Oslo): Immigrant Parents' Preferences for Children's Sex: A Register-based Study of Fertility Behaviour in ten National-origin Groups

(The “Wednesday Seminar” of the Department of Sociology is organized by Magnus Bygren: Öppna seminarier)

Oct 7: 10:00-11:15, F800 (please note different day, time, and place)
Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Her and his life: How laws and policies shape the lives of men and women

(This seminar is part of the SVS-Seminar Series of SOFI, organized by Karin Halldén and Rense Nieuwenhuis (SOFI):

Oct 16: SPaDE Workshop (no colloquium) Linda Haas (Indiana University): Keynote TBA

Oct 23: 13:00-14.30, B900
Marco Tosi (University of Trento):
The Effect of Leaving-home Transition on Parent-Child Proximity and Contact in Italy

Oct 30: 14:00-15:30, B900 (please note different time)
Annina Assmann (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne): Uncertainties and their Effects on Fertility Behavior in Germany

Nov 6: 13:00-14.30, B900
Eleni Tsingou and Leonard Seabrook (Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School): Bodies of Knowledge in Reproduction: Epistemic Boundaries and Issues Linkage on Delayed Fertility

Nov 13:13:00-14.30, B900
Franciëlla van der Heijden (Utrecht University): The Relationship between Post-Divorce Residence Arrangements of Children and Parental Psychological Wellbeing in the Netherlands

Nov 20:13:00-14.30, B900
Sunnee Billingsley (Stockholm University):
Fertility Dynamics in Transition Countries

Nov 27:14:00-15:30, B900 (please note different time)
Sven Drefahl and Martin Kolk (Stockholm University Demography Unit): Intergenerational Transmission of Age at First Birth in Age-Heterogeneous Couples

Dec 4: 13:00-14.30, B900
Jani Turunen, Maria Brandén (Stockholm University), Lotta Persson (SCB):
Geographical Distance between Child and Absent Parent after Parental Union Dissolution 1970-2013

Dec 11: 14:00-15.30, B900 (please note different time)
David Bloom (Harvard University):
Population Dynamics, Health, and the Macro-Economy: Current Themes

Dec 18: SIMSAM Workshop (no colloquium)