Time: Thursdays at 13:00—14:30 (unless otherwise stated)
Place: Stockholm University, Frescati, Hus B, 8th floor, B800

Jan 21: 13:00-14:30, B800
Margarita Chudnovskaya (Stockholm University)
Educational expansion and educational homogamy in Sweden

Jan 28: 13:00-14:30, B800
Vitor Oliveira de Miranda (Statistics Sweden/Stockholm University)
Preferences for sex of children in Sweden: recent developments

Feb 4: SPaDE Meeting

Feb 11: 13:00-14.30, B800
Marika Jalovaara (University of Turku and Stockholm University) and Hill Kulu (University of Liverpool):
Separation risks over union duration: An immediate itch?

Feb 25: 13:00-14:30, B800
Jennifer Barber (University of Michigan)
The paradox of unintended pregnancy in the United States: Why do so many young women who say they don't want to get pregnant get pregnant?

March 3: 13:00-14.30, B900 (!)
Joint seminar Sociology and Demography
Filiz Garip (Harvard University)
Network effects on behavior: How do mechanisms matter? (with Paul DiMaggio)