Time: Thursdays at 13:00—14:30 (unless otherwise stated)
Place: Stockholm University, Frescati, Hus B, 8th floor, B800 (unless otherwise stated)


January 12: 13:00-15:00 (!) Joint Seminar with IAS (Institute of Analytical Sociology)
Kopparhammaren 2, tredje väningen, K0301, Campus Norrköping, Norrköping (note place)
(If you wish to participate, please respond by January 10 to: gerda.neyer@sociology.su.se)

Roger Andersson (Uppsala University)
Refugee Immigration and Residential Segregation: Could the Link Be Broken?

January 19: 13:00-14:30, B800
Gunnar Andersson et al. (Stockholm University)
Ageing well - individuals, families and households under changing demographic regimes in Sweden

January 26: 13:00-14:30, B800
Bo Malmberg et al. (Stockholm University)
Migrant Trajectories: Geographical Mobility, Family Careers, Employment, Education, and Social Insurance in Sweden 1990-2016

February 2: 13:00-14.30, B800
Paul Henery (Stockholm University/Stirling University)
Health, Social Care and Multimorbidity in Scotland

February 8 – February 10: Florence, Italy
Italian Association for the Study of Population in collaboration with The Swedish Demographic Association
Popdays 2017: Keynote speeches by Gunnar Andersson, Gerda Neyer, and presentations by 11 members of SUDA. See Programme: Giornate di Studio sulla Popolazione 2017 (Popdays2017)

February 16: 13:00-14:30, B800
Anna Oksuzyan. (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)
Gender Gaps in Health and Survival

February 23: 13:00-14.30, B800
Ben Wilson (Stockholm University)
Understanding the factors that influence childbearing over the life course: causal links between employment, partnership, socio-economic status and fertility

March 2: 13:00-15:00 B800
Anna-Karin Nylin (Stockholm University)
Trends over Time in His and Her Earnings Following Parenthood in Sweden
(start-up seminar)

March 9: 13:00-14:30, B800


Linus Andersson (SOFI, Swedish Institute for Social Research)
Tertiary distance online education and the transition to parenthood during enrolment

March 16: 13:00 – 14:30, B800
Merril Silverstein (Syracuse University

March 17: 13:00-15:00, B3 (please note day and place)
Susan Faludi (Pulitzer-Prize Winner, Journalist and Author)
In the Darkroom (2016)

March 23: 13:00-14.30, B800
Megan Sweeney
The Changing Context of Contraceptive Choice across the Reproductive Life Course in the USA and Britain 

March 30: 13:00-14:30, B800
Filip Wigselius (Stockholm University Demography Unit)
Socioeconomic Status, Civil Status and the Gender Mortality Gap
(Ph.D. start-up seminar)

April 6: 13:00-14.30, B800
Ari Klængur Jónsson (Stockholm University Demography Unit)
Fertility and Family Dynamics in Iceland
(Ph.D. start-up seminar)

April 13: 13:00-14.30, B800
Sol Juarez (Center for Health Equity Studies, Stockholm University)
Migration and Reproductive Health in Sweden

April 20: 13:00-14.30, B800
Margarita Chudnovskaya, Gunnar Andersson et al: (Stockholm University Demography Unit)
Workshop: New Developments in Register-based Education Research

April 27: Chicago, USA
Population Association of America Annual Meeting
Paper presentations and Posters by SUDA members

May 4: 13:00-14.30, B800
Caroline Uggla (Stockholm University Demography Unit)
Adult Sex Ratios, Partnership and Divorce in Northern Ireland

May 11: 13:00-14.30, B800

May 18: 13:00-14.30, B800
Serhiy Dekhtyar (Karolinska Institute)
Individual and Contextual Influences on Gender-Specific Career Choices

May 31, 09:00 – June 2: 17:00, Stockholm University, Nordensköldsalen
Kathrin Morosow et al. (Stockholm University)
PopFest 2017: The 25th Annual Population Postgraduate Conference

June 8: 13:00-14.30, B800
Outi Sirniö (Stockholm University)

June 15: Turku, Finland
20th Nordic Demographic Symposium
Paper Presentations and Posters by SUDA members

For non-participants in Turku:
Joint Seminar Sociology/Demography
13:00 – 14:30, B800
Yaojuin Li (University of Manchester)