Theories and Frameworks of Intervention and Implementation in Early Childhood (UQ006FU), 7,5hp


Course content

The course presents philosophies of interventions as improvement in educational and special educational research and practice. Theories and frameworks of intervention and implementation in early childhood Special Education: system theory, transactional theory, bio-ecological model, concepts of vulnerability and resilience; developmental model of early intervention; socio-cultural theory, theory of change, response to intervention, (RtI) multi-tiered framework of intervention, ICF CY as a framework for evaluation and intervention; evidence-based practices in the educational field. Implementation science and lessons learned from interventions. Typologies of early interventions: individual, group, learning environment, professional development, coaching. Examples of international and national interventions programs and studies.
Long term effects of early interventions.

The course will given spring semester 2023

Schedule 2023

Syllabus UQ006FU (161 Kb)

Course literature UQ006FU (313 Kb)


Learning outcomes

After having completed the course, course participants will be able to:

  • develop insight into the motives for intervention in Early Childhood Special Education
  • identify strengths and challenges in intervention research and implementation
  • develop awareness of ethical issues in intervention research with children and families
  • gain a deeper understanding of the components of assessment, intervention and evaluation and their specificity and interconnectedness to an intervention’s theory
  • synthetize common elements in various frameworks of intervention
  • apply theories and frameworks of intervention to a specific topic of Early Childhood Special Education
  • reflect upon the own intervention project in relation to philosophical standpoints, and established theories and frameworks


Send your application to Elsa Thomas stating that you would like to apply to this course, provide your name, email address, the subject for your PhD program and the University at which you are admitted. Maximum number of participants: 15. 

Application deadline: Ongoing admission until course start.



If you have question on the course content, contact Mara Westling Allodi.

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