The seminar themes will be the following:

  • 12 febbraio: Diversità linguistica in Italia e Svezia
  • 19 febbraio: Dialetti in Italia e Svezia
  • 26 febbraio: Dialetti nei media
  • 12 marzo: Il dialetto nel doppiaggio
  • 19 marzo: Percezione della Svezia in Italia e viceversa

The seminars are 1 hour each. You are welcome to participate on a regular basis or based on your interests. 

Who can participate?

All Stockholm University and CIVIS university alliance students and staff are welcome to particpate on-line. No credits are given for participation. The seminar language is Italian, but you can ask questions in several other languages. Recommended listening comprehension level in Italian is B1+/B2 (CEFR).

How do I register?

Please e-mail to sign up. You will then get the link to the zoom room and some tips on literature. 

About the presenter

Fotografi av Luca Riccardelli
Luca Riccardelli.

Luca Riccardelli has a master in linguistics from La Sapienza University in Rome, and specialises in historical linguistics and dialectology. He did his Master's on the Swedish dialect Elfdalian. Luca is fluent in Swedish, German and English and is giving this seminar series as a part of his internship in Language Education at Språkstudion and the Department of Romance Studies and Classics.