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Booking for staff

Språkstudion provides rooms for teaching and examination, group work and audiovisual recordings.


New rules for the use and booking of Språkstudion's premises (Updated 201216)

Everyone who chooses to stay in Språkstudion's premises must follow the general recommendations given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding, for example, distance, good hand hygiene, etc. Anyone who feels ill is not allowed to stay at Språkstudion's premises.

For Språkstudion's premises, the following maximum limits are set for the number of people allowed to stay at the room at the same time:

  • Computer rooms E289 and E299: Max 8 people / room
  • Språkparken E231: Max 8 people
  • Språkbubblan E279: Max 2 students

*These rules apply until further notice and will be changed according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden's recommendations.


Where are the rooms?

Our rooms are located in Södra huset, House E. The computer rooms, seminar rooms and front desk are all located on floor 2. The recording studio is located on floor 3.

What equipment is available in the rooms?

Each room is equipped as described below. Other equipment such as laptops, video camera and electric piano can be also be booked for use in our rooms.

  • The computer rooms Studio 1 (E299) and Studio 2 (E289) each have 21 computer seats for students and one computer seat for teachers, two computer projectors, speaker equipment, and whiteboard. Read more here about our computer rooms.
  • The seminar room Språkparken (E231) has two computers, one computer projector, TV, electric piano, whiteboard and many wall outlets. There are two sofas, foldable tables, 30 chairs, a three-level stand for about 20 people, and draperies for separating the room into smaller compartments. The room accommodates up to 40 people. Read more here about Språkparken.
  • The small room for group work, Språkbubblan (E279), has one computer, one projector and a whiteboard. There is an oval conference table and seven conference chairs. The room takes up to 10 people. Read more here about Språkbubblan.
  • The recording studio (E363) is equipped with professional recording and editing tools for audio and video, and features a large green screen. The recording studio and the control room are separated. Read more here about the recording studio.

Who can book the rooms?

  • Language departments at the Faculty of Humanities book Språkstudion’s rooms via TimeEdit.
  • Other Stockholm University departments and faculties are welcome to e-mail their booking requests to or to call at 08 – 16 35 40.

When can the rooms be booked?

  • The rooms are usually available for reservations Monday – Thursday from 8 AM to 9 PM and Fridays from 8 AM to 3 PM.
  • The rooms should be evacuated and left tidy and in good order at least 10 minutes before the reserved time is up.
  • Booking requests outside Språkstudion’s regular opening hours must be approved by the Director of Språkstudion. Additional fees apply.
  • Bookings that require a technician after 5 PM must be approved by the Director of Språkstudion. Additional fees apply.

Changing or cancelling a reservation

  • Cancellation = when a reservation is cancelled via TimeEdit or direct contact with Språkstudion's staff. We charge as follows:

14-7 days before: 50 % charge

7-0 days before: 100 % charge

  • Changing a reservation = when the time and/or day for the reservation is changed. No charge.
  • No-show = when no one shows up for the reservation, and Språkstudion hasn’t received any notice regarding cancellation or changes. Full charge. Departments at the Faculty of Humanities will be charged like other departments at the university.

Important information regarding reservations for examinations

  • Remember to reserve 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the student exam time. Språkstudion needs this time to prepare and follow up in a professional way.
  • Please specify the settings required for the exam, such as internet access limitations, activation of spell-check, etcetera.
  • Please specify if there are students in need of extra auxiliary means or special support.
  • When reserving Stockholm University’s digital examination service Exia in Språkstudion’s computer rooms, remember to construct the exam as an ”open exam with access code”.


Språkstudion charges a minimum of 1 hour for all reservations. Read more in our price list.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Opening hours

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be opening our front desk only when our premises are booked. Bookings are often irregular and can be seen here.