We have a limited number of bookable computer seats spring term 2021. Click here to see our available hours and to be able to book your seat. Please note that you have to be registered at our page in Athena to be able to book your seat. Please cancel your booking if you will not be able to come to campus.


How to book a computer seat



1. Log in to Athena with your university account and then go to Språkstudion's Athena page.


2. Go to "Plans". You can also click on the link "Datorplatser v. 00" below "Due later" in the right column.


3. Under the plan "Språkstudion" you will find the registrations link fro the coming week.


4. Click on the green box "Register". Only you and Språkstudion's staff will be able to see your choice.


5. Choose one of the time slots and confirm your registration.


6. You have now successfully booked your computer seat. You can edit your choice until the week's Friday at 4 p.m.