You are welcome to watch movies at Språkstudion, individually or in groups. You can use the seminar rooms Språkbubblan (E279) or Språkparken (E231). Språkbubblan can accomodate up to 10 people. Språkparken can accomodate up to 40 people using the movie screen, or 10 people using the TV-screen. You could also watch movies individually in our computer rooms.


Students at the Faculty of Humanities make reservations by contacting us on or 08 - 16 35 40. Teachers make reservations via their department administrator.

"Swedish Film" license

Språkstudion displays movies for which we have attained rights via Swedish Film. Please see their website for information about what film companies are included in this license.

Please contact us if you have suggestions about movies or would like to start a movie club!