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"Take notes". It sounds easy enough, but it is a complicated skill - especially when you’re listening in one language and writing in another. 
At a basic level, we take notes to stimulate our memories. But just how good are we at taking notes? Are we taking and using them in efficient and effective ways? Do we take advantage of the full benefits that notetaking entails? And how can we use our different languages to improve our notes?
This workshop will focus on improving your understanding of what notetaking is. It will uncover the crucial decisions that notetakers make while listening to lecture content: 

  • what content to take notes on
  • when to take notes
  • how to take notes 

After a brief literature review, samples of various notetaking styles and strategies will be displayed. Then, we will discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches to notetaking. Participants will try short notetaking exercises, compare their notes with others, and consider how their own strategies might be refined for making notes matter. The workshop will raise your awareness of notetaking strategies and provide practical techniques for both taking and using notes.


Denna workshop kommer att hållas digitalt genom Zoom tisdag 25 januari 2022 kl 12:00-13:30. Workshopen hålls på engelska.

Alla studenter och anställda på Stockholms universitet och partneruniversitet inom CIVIS-alliansen är välkomna att delta.
Anmäl dig genom att fylla i anmälningsformuläret. Du kommer då att få en bekräftelse och Zoom-länk per mejl.

Studenter på Stockholms universitet som vill delta i workshopen på campus kan förboka en plats i Språkstudions datorsal E299 (först till kvarn). Förbokning av datorplats görs i anmälningsformuläret ovan.

Om presentatören

Picture of Joseph Siegel
Joseph Siegel.

Joseph Siegel is associate professor in English at Stockholm University and Örebro University in Sweden, where he teaches TESOL methodology, linguistics, and applied linguistic research methods courses. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University, where his thesis focused on second language listening. He has written often on the topics of L2 notetaking and English medium instruction lecture comprehension, including the recent book Developing Notetaking Skills in a Second Language: Insights from classroom research (Routledge, 2021) and an article in the journal Language Teaching (Cambridge University Press) titled “Research into Practice: Teaching notetaking to L2 students”.