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Rama Alshoufani

Changes in the Aliens Act worry researchers

As of July the Swedish Aliens Act requires that financial self-sufficiency must extend for “a certain duration of time”. We spoke to some of our international doctoral students and researchers on how this will affect them.

Henrik Cederquist

Developing proposals for profile areas

A potential new system for grants for research and postgraduate education might be introduced from 2024. Higher education institutions will then be able to apply for profile areas with funding up to SEK 20 million per year for six years.

Stockholm University President Astrid Söderbergh Widding

Strong criticism of stricter rules for residence permits

The changes in the requirements for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Sweden jeopardize our competitiveness as a research nation, according to President Astrid Söderbergh Widding.

Camilla Helm.

Hello there... Camilla Hjelm

Camilla Hjelm, Curator, Stockholm University Art Collections, talks about hanging up the new art collection at Campus Albano.

Studenthuset. Foto: Jorge Win

Information for students and staff about the corona virus

The latest information and university positions regarding the new corona virus and the pandemic. The information is updated continuously.