There is a training programme in secure information management that all employees at SU must complete (decision by the president dnr SU FV-2336-23). We employees are an important part of the university's overall cyber security protection and we need to increase everyone’s security awareness to reduce the risk of digital intrusion, malware and fraud. 

The training comes from the company Nimblr, and takes the form of short courses that are sent out by email to all employees about once a month. The sender of the course invitations is <> and the title is "Stockholm University Security Awareness Training". The courses have different themes such as phishing, secure passwords, fake senders, etc. and each course only takes a few minutes to complete. 

We at IT Services are well aware of the irony of encouraging people to click on links in emails when we normally encourage people NOT to do so. If you just click on the links that lead to this course, you will become very good at deciding which links are ok and which are not. Further down you can see examples of what the course email might look like so you know what to look for.

The  training programme is available in both Swedish and English – once you click on the link to start the course you can change language at the top right hand corner of the web page (see picture below)

The training will be followed up and adapted to each employee, so do not share your link with others. 

If you have any questions or comments about the programme - email

Course email Fake QR codes
Change language on Nimblr security training