IT-support staff members speaking on the phone

It is important that the names of the functions are consistent with the work performed to create clarity for the users. In IT Services, there are two functions whose names currently lack the desired clarity. 

"Helpdesk" is a generic term used for different purposes in different places, and "Logistics" suggests completely different services and does not at all describe the service work performed by that function. To address this ambiguity and set the right expectations, these two functions are therefore renamed. Helpdesk will become IT-support and Logistics will become IT-service, and the change will take place on March 1.

Apart from the new names, the change really won’t affect you as a user. You will continue to use Serviceportalen to contact both functions and you will still get help with your IT questions and orders. 

If your department has web pages that refer to e.g. Helpdesk, it would be appreciated if you could update these with the new name as soon as possible.