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Every October is Cyber Security Month, and this year’s theme is “Think Safe”. Cyber Security Month is an EU-wide campaign aimed at raising awareness and increasing knowledge about the cyber security risks inherent in both professional life and private life.

Why is cyber security important?

Information is one of SU’s most important and valuable assets. Interruptions in critical IT systems, ransomware viruses, data corruption or information theft are examples of serious risks that can be prevented with the help of good cyber security. Research data, educational materials and various forms of personal data are examples of information that may be particularly worthy of protection and thus require security-conscious processing.

Trends in the form of digitalisation, combined with an increasingly challenging threat landscape, risk causing serious negative consequences for our business. Individual employees are potential sources of sensitive information and pathways into our IT environments, which is why widespread risk awareness is so important.

Activities during Cyber Security Month

All university employees thus play an important role in maintaining good cyber security. To facilitate the effort, everyone is now being offered the opportunity to expand their knowledge in this area.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all this year’s activities will be conducted digitally. All employees will receive emails on a total of five occasions, distributed over the course of the month. The emails will contain links to digital activities in the form of training sessions and quizzes. Each one will only take a few minutes to complete, and hopefully these quizzes will make it easy and fun to absorb the information provided.