Athena is the learning platform that is offered by IT Services and is in use in most deparments.
In Athena, teachers plan the pedagogical work for both campus-based courses and distance learning courses. Other areas of use include support for collaboration between teachers.

Athena includes the following functions:

  • Planning function for structuring the course
  • Intended learning outcomes
  • Calendar
  • Automatically generated groups
  • Communication
    -Via bulletins
    -Internal messaging function with notifications
    -Discussion forums
  • Assignments
    -Text comparisons in Urkund
    -Anonymous submissions
    -Peer review
    -Group hand-ins
  • Tasks (does not require submission)
  • Test tool (self-marking tests)
  • Collaborate in a shared document
  • Surveys (simple questionnaires)
  • There is also a mobile app.