The personnel administration system at Stockholm University is called Primula. The Human Resources Office is responsible for the system.

Several leaves must be applied for directly in Primula, which will replace the forms in paper

Already today, you can apply for vacation and care of child (VAB) in Primula. From October 28, you must also apply for parental leave, leave for matters within the family, leave for degree/examination and leave for day of moving to the registration address directly in Primula. Later, withdrawal of vacations/leave and some other types of leave of absence will also be done directly in Primula.

As usual, leave should be planned in consultation between you and your manager before registration in Primula. Leave is decided according to the delegation policy.

You register your application for leave in Primula under My page/Parental leave or Leave of absence. In case of parental leave, a choice is made in Primula based on whether you are entitled to parental benefit or not, and the child's age. Follow the instructions in Primula.
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Review of permissions in Primula

We are doing a review of authorizations in Primula based on role and function. In the long run, the attestant (manager) will handle all her/his cases under Grant/Notifications and the reporter/reviewer (administrator) will see her/his cases under Process Cases.


The Self-Reporting project is in progress

The Human Resources Office is currently working to implement self-reporting in Primula for the University’s employees. The aim is to have a clearer, more efficient and more legally secure payroll management as well as reducing paper handling at the University.

Self-reporting of wellness benefit in Primula started in January this year. To get a wellness benefit, log in to Primula/My page/Wellness Benefit.

We introduced self-reporting of parental leave and other leave as a pilot at a number of departments during the late summer. These functions will be opened during week 44 to all employees at the University. Then employees can apply for parental leave, family matters, degree/exam and moving day in Primula instead of the paper version of the form.

The next phase in the project is self-reporting of withdrawal of vacations and leave in Primula.



Where can I find Primula?
Is the system available in English? Yes, you can choose between Swedish and English.
How do I log in? Log in using your university account.
Where can I find my wage statement? Log in, open the left-hand menu under My page, click on Wage statement.
Do I need training as an employee? The system is self-instructive and we do not see any need for the Human Resources Office to provide training. However, you can receive support from your head of administration or equivalent.
Apply for vacation? You will register this directly in Primula.
Travel bills? You will register these directly in Primula.
Flexi-time system? That is a separate system.
Wellness Benefit (Friskvårdsbidrag)? You will register this directly in Primula under My page/Wellness Benefit.
Parental leave? You will register this directly in Primula under My page/Parental leave.
Leave of absence? You will register this directly in Primula under My page/Leave of absence.