What is the schedule for discontinuing of the Research Database?

The Research Database will be up and running until March 31st 2019. During April and May it will still be possible to search for information in it but not to register any new information. June 1st 2019 is the definite end-date for the Research Database and it will then no longer be available for external nor for Stockholm University users.

Why is the Research Database being discontinued?

Stockholm University has had the Research Database for more than ten years. Many things have changed during this course of time, both at the University and outside. Since the conditions for maintenance drastically changed a decision was made to discontinue the service.

Who has made the decision of the discontinuing?

The Head of Administration made the decision after consultation with the University management.

Why is the Research Database not being replaced by a new solution?

We have failed to find a service that can easily replace the Research Database. First and foremost – we do not have an updated specification of the demands required for such a service. Instead of commencing the work with creating a service with an unclear purpose, it was decided not to replace it at this moment.

What will happen with the information currently in the database?

The information is exportable for as long as the database is up and running (until June 1st). If you have questions concerning exportation of information, please contact researchdatabase@su.se

Can I get an Excel file with all my projects?

You can indeed get such a list. If you have any questions regarding this please contact researchdatabase@su.se

Where can I get information about the research at the University?

Information about research at the University is available at different locations. The safest way is to contact the relevant institutions. It is also possible to search for projects financed by Swedish research financiers in the Swedish Council of Science's national database SweCRIS. You can also contact the Research Support Department.

What will happen to the links to the Research Database?

After May 31st the links to the Research Database will no longer work.

What will happen to my profile-page in the Research Database?

After May 31st, no profiles will be found in the Research Database. On the Stockholm University website, you can find information about profile pages for researchers and employees at the University.

I use the Research Database very much in my department’s communication, what should I do now?

We are aware that some researchers and departments have used the Research Database to communicate their research. As far as possible, we can during spring 2019 help you to get back the information you have registered in the database. On the other hand, there will be no central university service to replace the functionality currently available in the Research Database.

I have other questions about the Research Database.

If you have questions about the Research Database, please contact researchdatabase@su.se