The publication “Core values – a continuous conversation” includes quotes from the responses received in the process, from faculties, departments and individual members of staff to the President’s reflexions and further take on the subject.

The text illustrates the discussions on both the general academic core values as presented by Magna Charta Universitatum – autonomy, academic freedom, equity and integrity – and the core values for Stockholm University that the project discussions led to: Knowledge, enlightenment and the pursuit of truth.

The summary, in both English and Swedish, can be found on the university staff websites, at and, including printable PDF:s.  

– The shared responsibility for the university as a whole, and how that responsibility is formulated and shaped through both core values and strategies on all levels, is maybe the most important insight of all from the Living Values process, says President Astrid Söderbergh Widding. It is by definition also a process to be passed on within the university, for the future.