Pursuant to the regulations and general recommendations of the National Archives of Sweden concerning the deletion of general documents of temporary or little importance (RA-FS 1991:6, amended by RA-FS 1997:6), the Vice-Chancellor decides that the regulations are to be applied at Stockholm University as follows. The regulations of the National Archives of Sweden indicate that these regulations and Stockholm University’s application decision are applicable unless there are differing regulations concerning retention or deletion in laws, ordinances, regulations or decisions based on laws (such as the National Archives of Sweden’s public authority-specific regulations, RA-MS).

Deletion may take place in accordance with Articles 7 and 8 of RA-FS 1997:6, provided that

  • public right of access is not violated,
  • the documents are deemed to be of no value for the administration of justice, administration and research, prescribed processing, presentation or inspection has been completed,
  • the deadline for auditing and limitation of actions has passed, and
  • the significance for proof of rights and liabilities and otherwise from a legal standpoint has ceased.
  • Documents that came into existence before 1980 may not be deleted pursuant to this decision.

Pursuant to specified regulations, deadlines for deletion of documents will be established as specified below relating to documents at both the university administration and departments/equivalent. Deletion when a document is out of date means that the document may be deleted immediately or when it is no longer needed, unless stated otherwise.

Please see the attached PDF for the continuation of the decision.