These guidelines come into effect on 1 July 2007 and replace previous provisions by the Vice-Chancellor concerning these matters (R 1998 05 14).

Rules concerning transfers in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance Regulations concerning transfer of course credits etc., can be found in Chapter 6 Section 6 of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100). The regulations apply to studies at a first, second and third-cycle level. In accordance with these regulations, a student has the right to, under certain conditions, have credits transferred from a higher education institution other than that which they currently attend. Assessments concerning whether or not credits may be transferred are the responsibility of each respective university. The student is defined, in accordance with Chapter 1 Section 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance, as a person who has been admitted to, and is undertaking, higher education studies.
Advance notice
Written advance notice of transfer of foreign credits, including any conditions and a clear presentation of the student's responsibilities and rights should be submitted to the exchange students before departure. With regard to studies in a main field and other subject fields where the foreign studies correspond to at least 30 credits, the advance notice should be signed by the person responsible at the department(s) within whose subject field the foreign studies are to be conducted. In the case of foreign studies in other subject fields, the Student Services should provide an advance notice after consulting with the relevant departments. Where possible, the University's students that intend to study abroad outside of the framework of exchange programmes should be given such an advance notice.


Application for transfer of foreign credits are submitted to the appropriate department or to the Student Services, in accordance with the same rules as described in the section concerning Advance notices above. A common form, meeting the various needs of the departments, is used for this purpose.
Two procedures exist: - The application concerns credit transfer within a main field or a subject field with a scope of at least 30 credits. The Vice-Chancellor has delegated decision-making authority to the faculty boards who in turn may delegate the authority within the faculty. - The application concerns other transfers. The Vice-Chancellor has delegated decision-making authority to the University Director who in turn delegates it to the head of the Student Services. Decisions are made when required in consultation with the relevant departments.
Processing time
The application for transfer of foreign credits should be processed without delay as the student's ability to renew their student loans may be directly dependent on the transfer.
Ladok entry
The Student Services at each respective department register the transfer decision in LADOK in accordance with a special, common template.
In effect