Responsible unit: Strategic Planning and Vice-Chancellor’s Office
Contact: Lovisa af Petersens

Decision by the Vice-Chancellor on September 22, 2016 ( SU FV‑1.1.2‑2491‑16)


Doctoral students are entitled to supervision and other resources throughout their training unless the Vice-Chancellor, pursuant to Chapter 6, Section 30 of the Higher Education Ordinance, decides otherwise. The possibility of withdrawing supervision and other resources from a doctoral student derives from the Higher Education Act (1992:1434), which stipulates that the higher education institutions’ resources shall be used efficiently.

The procedure refers both to national regulations, particularly Chapter 6, Sections 28–31 of the Higher Education Ordinance, and local regulations at Stockholm University, particularly the regulations for doctoral studies adopted by the Vice-Chancellor, as well as the scientific area boards’ guidelines for doctoral studies.[1]

The procedure regulates the responsibility and preparation at the department and scientific area levels prior to the Vice-Chancellor’s decision on whether or not to withdraw supervision and other resources. In addition, it regulates the responsibility and preparation concerning the doctoral student’s right to appeal, as well as the right to request the recovery of supervision and other resources. “Other resources” refers to acceptable conditions for study (Chapter 7, Section 34 of the Higher Education Ordinance), such as training, a SUKAT account, a workspace, a computer, office supplies, library resources, and costs associated with courses. The procedure should ensure that the preparation process takes place in a legally certain manner.


[1] Please refer to the current decision-making and delegation policy of each scientific area board for more information. Decisions concerning doctoral studies may be delegated.